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Even with the most advanced systems, errors and invalid files can build up and destabilize your PC, causing even a new system to freeze and crash.
These are some of the kinds of errors that could be slowing down your system :
  • Registry Errors
  • Built-up Junk Files
  • Class ID Errors
  • Missing Shortcuts
  • Missing DLLs
  • Missing Shared Files
  • Device Driver Errors
  • Missing Windows Shortcuts
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If you think your PC is slow, help is at hand. ADVANCED PC PROTECT is a new PC optimization and error repair utility that dramatically improves the performance of your PC. Regularly cleaning your computer could save you costly maintenance fees down the road. It’s common to fill space on a PC’s hard drive with games, productivity programs, or files, such as music, digital photos, video clips, and other Internet files. Some industry studies believe that we use less than 10 percent of the programs installed on our computer. While deleting programs is relatively easy, many novice computer users believe they can be removed by simply deleting their icon on the desktop. This does not work, as it’s only a shortcut to the real program, which consists of many files. And keep in mind that you can do damage to your PC’s performance if you happen to delete a program folder that you don’t think you need from your hard drive. ADVANCED PC PROTECT is the utility you need to safely – and easily – remove old or unused programs and files from your Windows-based computer. ADVANCED PC PROTECT includes a System Cleaner, a System Optimizer, and a wide range of System Tools designed exclusively to boost PC performance. Both beginners and experienced users will enjoy the available features and options and the simple application interface. With the click of a button all common computer errors can be fixed. How does it do this? In a nutshell, ADVANCED PC PROTECT offers a Registry Cleaner to detect and remove all bad entries from the PC, it optimizes Windows for faster start-up times and stops runaway Processes that may take up all of the processors’ cycles. It also includes a Junk Files Cleaner to remove unused files and traces of online activities, such as browser history, cookies, temporary files, logs, invalid links and many more. The best part is that it’s small (less than 3Mb), fast and furious (normally taking less than a minute to scan and fix).

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  • Stabilizes your PC

    Advanced PC Protect can make your PC more stable, by eliminating all the errors found on your Windows computer.
  • Speeds up your System

    Optimize your PC by eliminating the sources of system slow-downs.
  • Increases your PC Performance

    By erasing errors and invalid files, Advanced PC Protect can free up valuable system resources.

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